The online ERP portal for the Department of Higher Education in Haryana is a comprehensive and integrated platform that streamlines academic and administrative processes across colleges and universities. It effectively manages admissions, course offerings, student records, and financial transactions, facilitating smooth operations. Additionally, the portal supports vital functions like government scheme verification, procurement assessment, and infrastructure management. It plays a crucial role in monitoring academic quality through NAAC progress tracking and encourages sustainability with rainwater harvesting records. Moreover, it empowers students by enabling them to manage personal data, make fee payments, and provide feedback, enhancing the educational experience. Furthermore, the portal includes an MIS portal for employees, optimizing workforce management. In addition to the ERP portal, the Department has introduced a dedicated MIS Portal for Employees, optimizing workforce management. Furthermore, a Centralized Scholarship Portal, integrating 7 government departments and spanning 15 scholarship schemes, promotes accessible higher education opportunities for students and streamlines the application and distribution of scholarships, fostering inclusivity and supporting educational aspirations in Haryana. Together, these portals represent a holistic approach to education administration, emphasizing efficiency, transparency, and equal access to quality education.

Modules of ERP Portal

College Profile

  1. Admission Module:
  1. Course Management: Manage Course, Add Subject Combination
  2. Fee Management: Manage Fee Subhead, Manage Course Fee, Manage practical and combination Fee.
  3. Student Management: Add Student, To be Promoted Student, Section Allotment, Subject Combination Mapping, Update Student Info, Change Course, Promoted Students, Migrate Out, Migrate In, Offline Payment, Fee Report, Cash Book, Student I-Card.
  1. Starting / Discontinuation of Courses:
    1. Request for Introduction of New Course
    2. Request for Discontinuation of New Course
    3. Request for Seat Increase
    4. Request for Seat Decrease
  2. Free Passport Scheme
  3. Procurement Demand Assessment Module for Govt Colleges
  4. IT Infrastructure
  5. Learning Driving License Details for Govt. Colleges
  6. NAAC Progress Tracking
  7. Placement Info
  8. Land & Building Record Details
  9. Society & Club Activities
  10. NEP Action Point
  11. Rain Water Harvesting Structure
  12. Previous Session Pass Result
  13. Tobacco Free Institute Module:
    1. Tobacco Free Campaign
    2. TOFEI Action Taken
  14. 18-25 Age Group Survey:
    1. Village wise Citizen List
    2. Updation/Marking of Survey Volunteers
    3. Survey Dashboard
  15. Employee Management Information System (MIS Portal)
    1. Employee Profile (Regular Teaching/Non-Teaching, Contractual Employee
    2. Extension Lecturer Profile
    3. Guest Lecturer Profile
    4. Workload Management
    5. Online Services such as Child Care Leave (CCL), Extra Ordinary Leaves (EOL), NOC for Passport, NOC for Abroad Visit, NOC for Home/Property Loan, NOC for Depuation etc.
    6. Service Profile of Employee
    7. Online ACR of Teaching Faculty


University Profile:

  1. University Profile
  2. Details of Courses, Seats and enrolment as per Private University Act.
  3. Faculty Info
  4. NEP Action point of University
  5. NAAC Progress Tracker
  6. Rain Water Harvesting Structure


Student Profile:

  1. Individual Login for Student
  2. Provision to add/ edit/ delete individual student information (personal and educational) including signature and photo
  3. Payment of Admission Fee
  4. Fee Status Report
  5. Fee Receipt
  6. Student Feedback Form
  7. Apply for Passport Fee Reimbursement for Final Year Students
  8. Scholarship Schemes (Har-chhatravratti Portal)

Key Notes w.r.t 2nd/3rd Year Admissions

  1. Last Date for 2nd/3rd Year Admissions in Govt. / Aided / Self Finance Colleges is 19.08.2023.
  2. Tuition Fee of all Girl Students is Zero.
  3. Tuition Fee of all SC students of Haryana in Govt. Colleges is Zero.
  4. No Fee shall be charged from SC Students of Haryana in Aided/SF Colleges if Family Income is less than 2.5 lacs, under PMS scheme.
  5. No Tuition Fee for Girls Students belonging to Haryana studying PG Course in Govt and Aided Colleges if Family Income is less than Rs. 1.80 Lacs.
  6. ERP Portal will be open for 2nd/3rd Year Admissions from 10.07.2023 to 31.07.2023 without late fee. After 31.07.2023, Admissions will be done with Late fee as under:
    1. Late Fee from 01.08.2023 to 07.08.2023 = Rs. 100/-
    2. From 08.08.2023 onwards = Rs. 100 + Rs. 100/- per day